#1: Bat Wing Fan

Let’s start with a very simple DIY project.  Want to decorate your space from floor to ceiling?!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t recall seeing any lame ceiling fans in any haunted houses I’ve been to.  Fans can be an eye sore for us detail-oriented (/”type A”) decorators.  UNLESS, you use the ceiling fan to your advantage in your decor, hence, the bat wing fan!

Matt’s house has 3 fans (of course all in the common areas of our party), one in each living room and one in his kitchen.  So I did this 3 times last year, but saved my wings to use again this year!

I saw this idea on Pinterest here for actual fan blades being sold on Etsy, but I’d say its a very easy DIY project, so I just “WING-ed” it! (GET IT?! Ha, so funny 🙂 )


DIY Halloween Decor Bat Wing Fan


1)  Measure your fan blades length & width

2) Freehand bat wing long and wide enough to cover each blade

3)  Cut out bat wing and use this as a stencil for the other fan blades

4)  Use duct tape to adhere to fan

*Note – try not to turn on the fan as these are only made of poster board, however, I will note that Matt & I did this a few times and it looks pretty sweet  🙂

DIY Halloween Decor | Bat Wing Fan

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