#10: Creepy Halloween Mirror

creepy halloween mirror

This creepy halloween mirror is perfect to display all October long, especially if you are having a spooky gathering! Halloween + spooky mirrors = match in Hallowen Heaven.  I know what you are thinking, “Big mirrors are so expensive!”  My response?  Yes, new mirrors are very expensive.  However, thrifting big mirrors, is not.  The mirror in the photo above I got for a whopping $8 at a thrift store.  But it looked like this on the left below:  Ewww!  Brightly colored with random gemstones, someone let their 5 year old go to town on this baby.  But nothing a little black spray paint can’t reverse 🙂

creepy halloween mirror

After that I used cheesecloth on a stand to set some Goodwill glass jars I found.  I filled them with plastic eyeballs and spiders (Party City, under $2).  Finally, I added touches of my ‘go-to’ vintage silver with another frosted candle from this post, and ta-da!  My spooky mirror and accessories was a great addition to the party!

creepy halloween mirror


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