#14: Haunted Portrait Art

DIY Halloween Haunted Portrait Art

Dress up your walls for Halloween with this Haunted Portrait Art!  This DIY project is a cost-efficient and unique way to put an eerie dispaly on your walls!

Step 1:  Buy Canvas

I used 12 x 12 canvases from Michaels (they come in packs for savings!)  Plus the 40% coupon 🙂  You will need 6 for the display I showed above.

Step 2:  Buy Scary Masks

Thrift it up!  You won’t be wearing the masks, so don’t be freaked out by second hand!  Just find something that will take well to spray paint. (I found the hard masks worked a bit better than rubber)  You will need 3 masks.

Step 3:  Spray Paint

Spray paint your 3 masks and 3 canvases black.

Step 4:  Cover 3 Coordinating Canvases

Use scrapbook paper (which is convinetly 12×12 just like your canvas!) and mod podge it onto the 3 canvases.  I also chose to add some bats that I cutout with my Cricut machine, which I also mod podged on.

Step 5:  Hot Glue Masks

Hot glue 3 masks onto black canvases.

DIY Halloween Haunted Portrait Art

Step 6:  Display!


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