#18: Halloween Rosettes

DIY Halloween Decor Halloween Rosettes

DIY Halloween Decor Halloween Rosettes

Halloween rosettes are a great DIY project for some vintage Halloween decor!  Best part – It only takes a few supplies and steps!  (*Note, my older sister’s wedding in August 2011 was themed rosettes, so I am semi a rosette-making specialist….Future post recapping her wedding will come, I promise 🙂


– Halloween themed scrapbook paper

– Hot Glue Gun

– Fishing Line


1)  Fold scrapbook paper like a fan (back and forth) into about 1″ folds, then fold the entire (now 1″ wide accordion paper) in half again (hamburger way!)

2)  Hot glue fan ends together (for the larger ones shown in the photos, I used four 12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper)

3)  Suspend from fishing line for an eerie ‘floating’ illusion

I promise I will have a detailed step-by-step Rosette making post with photos soon!  Just had to share these fun Halloween decorations!



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