#2: Trick or Treat Boxes

This is a super easy project that I found on Pinterest, and I especially love it because after halloween, it stores WONDERFULLY!  All you have to do is put the boxes inside one another 🙂

DIY Halloween Decor Trick or Treat Boxes


– 3 paper mache boxes (I got mine at Hobby Lobby here, be sure to look for coupons as I got mine 40% off!)  Yes, this is a set of 7, but I used the 4 other boxes to create levels on my candy table, post coming soon 🙂

– Black spray paint

– Sandpaper

– Halloween Ribbon

– Hot Glue Gun

– Sticker letters or dicut paper letters (I used my Cricut)


1)  Take 3 boxes (in desccending sizes), and spray paint outsides and tops black

2)  After spray paint dries, use sandpaper to distress the boxes in the corners and centers

3)  Hot glue or stick on your letters “Trick or Treat” to the boxes

4)  Hot glue your haloween ribbon to the perimeter of the top of the largest box

Thanks to the blog http://eighteen25.blogspot.com/2011/09/todays-guest-brown-paper-packages.html that my original pin linked to!  🙂

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Boxes

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