#28: DIY Halloween Decor – PVC Candles

DIY Halloween Decor - PVC Candles

These DIY Halloween Decor – PVC Candles were a bit more work to make, but I am able to use them year after year and I love how they look and the fact that I created them from PVC pipe!  Here are the basic steps:

1)  Buy PVC pipe at your local hardware store (it is surprisingly cheap!)

2)  Cut the PVC pipe into various lengths (not too tall or they won’t stand upright easily).  I’d suggest using a Miter Box table saw if you have one.  This way, your cuts will be level.

3)  Fill the pipes with “Great Stuff” foam insulation (*Note:  It expands like crazy!  You won’t need to fill the whole pipe!)

4)  Cut off the Great Stuff that has ‘oozed’ out the ends so they are flush.  Then, use a drill with a large bit to dig the Great Stuff down on one end (this is to make room to set in a fake LED flickering candle)

5)  Use hot glue around the edge with the dug out spot for the candle to make ‘wax’.  Let the hot glue run down the PVC for a dripping wax effect!

6)  Spray paint PVC with hot glue white.

7)  Add artificial flickering LED tea lights.

DIY Halloween Decor - PVC Candles


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