#31: 31 DIY Halloween Decor Projects

31 DIY Halloween Decor Projects

Well it has been a long road to these 31 Halloween posts.  Was I timely?  Nope.  Did I keep a consistent schedule of posts?  Nope.  BUT, did I succeed at 31 Halloween posts?!  YESSS!!!  I hope you enjoyed the journey of my Halloween party and all the fun Halloween projects along the way.

If you came to the Halloween party – thank you!  If not, I hope you felt as ‘virtually’ invited as you certainly were!  🙂

Here is a trip down memory lane as we look back at all of the Halloween projects!

1.  Bat Wing Fan

2.  Trick or Treat Boxes

3.  Haunted Bird Bath

4.  Bottles of Poison

5.  Frosted Candles

6.  Halloween Chandelier

7.  Head Waiter

8.  Spooky Flower Arrangement

9.  Eerie Crow Birdcage

10.  Mirror Mirror on the Wall

11.  Halloween Party Invite

12.  Glitter Skull Tray

13.  Painted Pumpkins

14.  Haunted Portrait Art

15.  Old School Pumpkin Carving

16.  Gaudy Spooky Frames

17.  Skull Frames

18.  Halloween Rosettes

19.  Deadly Punch

20.  Eerie Levitating Branch

21.  Creepy Touches

22.  Illuminated Skulls

23.  Halloween Lanterns

24.  Bat Room Decor

25.  Trick or Treat Banner

26.  Halloween Bay Window

27.  Halloween Food Labels

28.  PVC Halloween Candles

29.  Candy Table

30.  Halloween Photobooth


31 Halloween Projects


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