#5: Frosted Candles

DIY Halloween Decor Frosted Candles

Short, sweet, and cheap!

Step 1:  Find Glass

Don’t buy new!  Check out a thrift store or Goodwill for glass that is super cheap!

Step 2:  Frost

Spray glass with frost spray (you can find it at Michaels, remember your 40% off coupon!)

Step 3:  Decorate

Hot glue Halloween ribbon and/or faux glitter spider onto glass.  Or use glitter glue to create a creepy spider web.

Step 4: Illuminate!

Rather than spending the whole night worrying about fire hazards or keeping up with relighting tea lights, I opted for the artificial LED tea lights.  Best place I found for the price (they can be spendy at big stores) – ebay!


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