#6: Halloween Chandelier

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Chandelier

Matt’s Mom gave me an awesome chandelier that I was able to transform for Halloween.

Step 1:  Spray Paint Chandelier

“Surprise”- black spray paint!  You can tell that you go through a lot of this for Halloween decor.  I hung the chandelier from a wire in a tree to spray paint it to be sure I covered all angles.

Step 2:  Add Beads

I found some beads at the thrift store for under $1 and spray painted those black too.  These give the chandelier an aged look and add some interest

Step 3:  Lights

Again, I opt for the LED tea lights since these are no worry in terms of fire hazard and can just be clicked on or off (and they even flicker, gotta love craft technology advances!)

Before & After! 🙂

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Chandelier


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