#8: Spooky Flower Arrangement

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Flower Arrangement

I don’t know about you, but I’d imagine if I were in a haunted house that any flowers in sight wouldn’t be pretty and colorful, they’d be black and scary! 🙂  I like these little touches that add some character throughout the Halloween party.  Oh and don’t worry, very easy & cheap to make!

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Flower Arrangement

1. Gather fake floweres from Goodwill or thrift stores

2.  Spray paint flowers black (you will have to spray and flip to get all angles, although some color coming through looks kind of cool too! 🙂  (you can see some red showing through in my arrangement above)

3.  Display in vintage silver (again, Goodwill/thrift stores!!) with accents such as spiders and pumpkins



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