#9: Eerie Crow Birdcage

Eerie Crow Birdcage DIY Halloween Decor

One thing super random you should know about me, I have a phobia…of birds.  They TOTALLY freak me out!  I think it stems from living on a farm, riding the lawn mower and having barn swallows swoop down at me, trying to take off my head.  Regardless, I was super excited about how my eerie crow bird cage turned out for Halloween!

I had been eyeing this ornate birdcage at Savers (thrift store) for a few weeks, then I finally decided to go get it, and low and behold, it was green sticker Monday! (Or something like that, where it was 50% off!)  So I got it for $20!  🙂  After that, a little black spray paint and dollar store crows (eww!!  Soo scary!), and we had a haunted birdcage!

p.s. This one even creeped Matt out, he wouldn’t let me put it up in his house until the party  🙂  I don’t blame him!  I wouldn’t want those spooky crows staring me down either!!

Eerie Crow Birdcage DIY Halloween Decor

Enjoy! 🙂

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