Welcome to Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress! I’m Mallory, owner and creator of all things both messy creative and organized type-A here on CMCD. This lifestyle blog focuses on sharing happiness through home decor, handmade projects, home organization, and most recently, new parenthood.


More about me….

Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress, eek that is a long title as I begin to explain the basis of this blog and myself.  Lets establish the short-hand ‘CMCD’ right off the bat.  Whew, I feel better already!  Oh yes, about me…

Hi!  I’m Mallory, I’m married to the love of my life (Matt), and we just welcomed our very first baby into the world in September 2015 (little miss Vera) – we are pretty obsessed with her I must say.  I aspire and live for creativity, yet am an organization freak.  I want to embrace all parts of myself, let me elaborate on my sometimes conflicting, yet somehow cohesive sides of myself.


Corporate Dress:  When I started this blog, my professional background included working for a fortune 1,000 corporate company in Marketing and then Event Planning.  Recently after having Vera, I have transitioned to a full time “SAHWM” (Stay At Home Working Mama”, more on that here). While I’m no longer literally in that “corporate dress” like I used to be, I still categorize the “Corporate Dress” part of the blog title as my organized, Type-A, color-coded, post-it-notes everywhere, side (this has now transitioned into my own business endeavors – woot!)

Creative Mess: This is my messy hot glue gun, excess quantities of adorable ribbon, Michaels coupons, thrifting, and sweatpants side.  Recently this side has branched into other ventures like photography (Photographs by Mallory Jo) and event rental and design!


As of late, my creative passions have led me into lifestyle wedding and portrait photography.  I love capturing raw emotion that freezes that moment in time that people can revisit each and every day as they look back on photos. I love seeing my photos framed and displayed in my clients (who often become my friends!) homes.  I am located in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area if you have any photography needs, please check out my photography business Photographs by Mallory Jo, I would love to work with you!

In 2013, I also planned my DREAM wedding (to my dream guy) in a mere 7 months and had so much fun doing a lot of the planning DIY-style.  I will share what I learned from my 7 months of being a bride in hopes to help out some more DIY/Vintage-loving brides!

My husband Matt may be referred to in various posts as he graciously plays the role IT support along with being the best hubby ever.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the inter-web, sip your coffee and have a look around!