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Custom Subway Art

Custom Subway Art

What’s in right now?  Subway art!  I love the unique use of different fonts and words to create any given mood/feel to a room.  What’s even better than subway art you ask?  Well, CUSTOM subway art of course!  While generic words can still have meaning, if words are meaningful and specifically chosen by a person, that makes the art that much more personable.  Not only that, but it makes it a “one-of-a-kind” piece.

I started with asking my boyfriend Matt for some snowboard words that had meaning to him.  He was obviously confused, so I suggested words like the names of Ski resorts or runs that he had been to or wanted to visit.  I wouldn’t tell him what it was for, because I love surprises.

He gave me his list and I got to work.


  • Canvas (any size, depending on the number/size of words)
  • Acrylic paint (the color(s) you want the words to be)
  • Brushes
  • Sticker Paper & a Cricut (or sticker letters)

Step 1:  Paint your canvas

I used a few shades of brown and painted the canvas to show variation of the tones to give it some depth.  Whatever color you make the canvas will be the color of the words.

DIY Custom Subway Art Tutorial


Step 2:  Words

Cut out words with cricut onto sticker paper, or use sticker letters to spell out the words.  It is important to use different fonts/sizes to give the art interest and variation (it also makes it easier to read the words).  This step took the most patience, you almost have to approach it like a puzzle trying to make all the words fit while keeping in mind the design aesthetic.

DIY Custom Subway Art Tutorial


Step 3:  Spray Paint

When all my words were stuck onto my canvas, I took it outside to spray paint.  I used black Rustoleum flat spray paint.  You can use any color you want, but make sure that it varies enough from the canvas color so you can easily see the outline of your words.  As I sprayed, a few  of the letters started to come up on the sides, don’t worry, I actually liked this effect as it made it look more rustic and original having some rough edges rather than being perfect.

DIY Custom Subway Art Tutorial


Step 4:  Remove Letters

I didn’t want the paint to dry and make the letters stick to the canvas, so I used tweezers to remove the letters while the spray paint was still fresh.

DIY Custom Subway Art Tutorial


Step 5:  Enjoy!

Now you have a custom subway art designed just for yourself.  Every time you look at it you think of the words that have special meaning to you.  Matt loves his custom wall art and gets lots of compliments on it at his house (especially his snowboard buddies).

DIY Custom Subway Art Tutorial


DIY Tutorial Custom Subway Art