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#31: 31 DIY Halloween Decor Projects

31 DIY Halloween Decor Projects

Well it has been a long road to these 31 Halloween posts.  Was I timely?  Nope.  Did I keep a consistent schedule of posts?  Nope.  BUT, did I succeed at 31 Halloween posts?!  YESSS!!!  I hope you enjoyed the journey of my Halloween party and all the fun Halloween projects along the way.

If you came to the Halloween party – thank you!  If not, I hope you felt as ‘virtually’ invited as you certainly were!  🙂

Here is a trip down memory lane as we look back at all of the Halloween projects!

1.  Bat Wing Fan

2.  Trick or Treat Boxes

3.  Haunted Bird Bath

4.  Bottles of Poison

5.  Frosted Candles

6.  Halloween Chandelier

7.  Head Waiter

8.  Spooky Flower Arrangement

9.  Eerie Crow Birdcage

10.  Mirror Mirror on the Wall

11.  Halloween Party Invite

12.  Glitter Skull Tray

13.  Painted Pumpkins

14.  Haunted Portrait Art

15.  Old School Pumpkin Carving

16.  Gaudy Spooky Frames

17.  Skull Frames

18.  Halloween Rosettes

19.  Deadly Punch

20.  Eerie Levitating Branch

21.  Creepy Touches

22.  Illuminated Skulls

23.  Halloween Lanterns

24.  Bat Room Decor

25.  Trick or Treat Banner

26.  Halloween Bay Window

27.  Halloween Food Labels

28.  PVC Halloween Candles

29.  Candy Table

30.  Halloween Photobooth


31 Halloween Projects


#30: Halloween Photobooth

DIY Halloween Decor - DIY Photobooth

This DIY Halloween Decor – DIY Photobooth was the best new feature of the Halloween Party 2012 in my opinion.  Last year, I was having so much fun I didn’t take enough pictures!  This year, we setup a basic backdrop using some wrapping paper and Halloween rosettes (from this post), and setup a tripod and my camera- set the self time, and the photobooth was born!

Really, the Halloween Party would be nothing without the people at the party.  We had so much fun celebrating with everyone and it was so fun to go back through these photos!  Thank you to everyone who came!!  🙂

DIY Halloween Decor - DIY Photobooth


#29: Candy Table

DIY Halloween Decor - Candy Table

The DIY Halloween Decor – Candy Table was a must repeat from the first annual Halloween party in 2011.  I don’t know about you, but I (without guilt) use Halloween as a huge excuse to give into my sweet tooth!  Hey, just because we don’t ‘technically’ trick or treat anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t eat too much candy!  😀

DIY Halloween Decor - Candy Table

DIY Halloween Decor - Candy Table

Enjoy!  (and go find some candy for yourself!)  🙂

#28: DIY Halloween Decor – PVC Candles

DIY Halloween Decor - PVC Candles

These DIY Halloween Decor – PVC Candles were a bit more work to make, but I am able to use them year after year and I love how they look and the fact that I created them from PVC pipe!  Here are the basic steps:

1)  Buy PVC pipe at your local hardware store (it is surprisingly cheap!)

2)  Cut the PVC pipe into various lengths (not too tall or they won’t stand upright easily).  I’d suggest using a Miter Box table saw if you have one.  This way, your cuts will be level.

3)  Fill the pipes with “Great Stuff” foam insulation (*Note:  It expands like crazy!  You won’t need to fill the whole pipe!)

4)  Cut off the Great Stuff that has ‘oozed’ out the ends so they are flush.  Then, use a drill with a large bit to dig the Great Stuff down on one end (this is to make room to set in a fake LED flickering candle)

5)  Use hot glue around the edge with the dug out spot for the candle to make ‘wax’.  Let the hot glue run down the PVC for a dripping wax effect!

6)  Spray paint PVC with hot glue white.

7)  Add artificial flickering LED tea lights.

DIY Halloween Decor - PVC Candles


#27: Halloween Food Labels

DIY Halloween Party Decor - Food Labels

Gross up your food assortment this Halloween with some unconventional food signs!  This year, we featured:

1)  Pumpkin vomit (mini Pumpkin puking Guacamole- p.s. Wholly Guacamole is the best!)

2)  Joe’s Sloppy Brains (sloppy joes – great party food!  Just get the mini dinner rolls so they are handheld sliders!)

3)  Warm Ear Wax (Queso dip for the tortilla chips, I refer to this as “Happy Dip”- I mean, queso makes everyone happy!  🙂


#26: Halloween Bay Window

DIY Halloween Decor - Decorate a Bay Window

I had a hard time coming up with this decor.  Bay windows are typically so cozy, cute and quaint, its hard to imagine them for a Halloween party as eerie, spooky & creepy!  I used blue lights to set the mood, added some foam tombstones in the windows, and accented with spider webs and spiders, and I totally loved the outcome!

DIY Halloween Decor - Decorate a Bay Window

DIY Halloween Decor - Decorate a Bay Window


#25: Trick or Treat Banner

DIY Halloween Decor Trick or Treat Banner

Banners are SO IN right now.  I love them!  They add a charming vintage touch, but are also super easy to make!  Just grab some of your favorite Halloween scrapbook paper, some sticker letters (or I used my Cricut), and some hot glue and string, and you have yourself a Halloween banner suitable for any great Halloween decor!



#24: Bat Room Decor

DIY Halloween Decor Bats in Branches

One room of the Halloween party was themed with ‘bats’ – we hung a sheer white fabric that I cut the edges to look ragged and suspended it from the ceiling.  Then, I cut out bats from cardstock paper, folded them to give them a 3-dimensional look, and used fishing line to tie them within the sheer cloth.  Finally, we took some dead branches we found outside and hung these from the ceiling as well with fishing line.  All together, we were able to create a spooky forest look with our bat and branches!  🙂

DIY Halloween Decor Bats in Branches


#23: Halloween Lanterns

Halloween Decor Ideas - Lanterns

Dear fellow Halloween decorators:  Don’t ‘discredit’ the discount stores!  These Halloween lanterns came from the lovely Dollar Tree and for $1 each, they are awesome.  These are actually all repeats from last year, and the battery operated LED lights sill work! Hang them from some fishing line for a floating effect, and their glows will compliment any room!  🙂  Yay cheap & easy projects!


#22: Illuminated Skulls

DIY Halloween Decor Illuminated Skulls

Remember the paper mache skulls from Michael’s that we used in this project?  Well, here we are again!  I again spray painted some of these paper mache skulls (silver), cut an opening in the back so I could sneak in a flickering LED tea-light.  The result?  A spooky glowing skull!  Place these throughout the party for some added effect and spooky ambiance!


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