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#11: Halloween Party Invite

Remember when you were a kid and it was the most exciting this in the world when you got mail?!  Now, as a ‘grown up’, we dread the mail because all we expect are bills and junk mail (dear Visa, stop trying, I don’t want another credit card!)

Well, I sincerely enjoy both designing and distributing the Halloween invites.  I just hope that when a recipient receives theirs in the mail, they get a little smile and excitement for some FUN mail for a change!  This year I went with a postcard ordered off Snapfish, so it was nice not having to deal with envelopes!

Halloween Party Invitation



#10: Creepy Halloween Mirror

creepy halloween mirror

This creepy halloween mirror is perfect to display all October long, especially if you are having a spooky gathering! Halloween + spooky mirrors = match in Hallowen Heaven.  I know what you are thinking, “Big mirrors are so expensive!”  My response?  Yes, new mirrors are very expensive.  However, thrifting big mirrors, is not.  The mirror in the photo above I got for a whopping $8 at a thrift store.  But it looked like this on the left below:  Ewww!  Brightly colored with random gemstones, someone let their 5 year old go to town on this baby.  But nothing a little black spray paint can’t reverse 🙂

creepy halloween mirror

After that I used cheesecloth on a stand to set some Goodwill glass jars I found.  I filled them with plastic eyeballs and spiders (Party City, under $2).  Finally, I added touches of my ‘go-to’ vintage silver with another frosted candle from this post, and ta-da!  My spooky mirror and accessories was a great addition to the party!

creepy halloween mirror


#9: Eerie Crow Birdcage

Eerie Crow Birdcage DIY Halloween Decor

One thing super random you should know about me, I have a phobia…of birds.  They TOTALLY freak me out!  I think it stems from living on a farm, riding the lawn mower and having barn swallows swoop down at me, trying to take off my head.  Regardless, I was super excited about how my eerie crow bird cage turned out for Halloween!

I had been eyeing this ornate birdcage at Savers (thrift store) for a few weeks, then I finally decided to go get it, and low and behold, it was green sticker Monday! (Or something like that, where it was 50% off!)  So I got it for $20!  🙂  After that, a little black spray paint and dollar store crows (eww!!  Soo scary!), and we had a haunted birdcage!

p.s. This one even creeped Matt out, he wouldn’t let me put it up in his house until the party  🙂  I don’t blame him!  I wouldn’t want those spooky crows staring me down either!!

Eerie Crow Birdcage DIY Halloween Decor

Enjoy! 🙂

#8: Spooky Flower Arrangement

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Flower Arrangement

I don’t know about you, but I’d imagine if I were in a haunted house that any flowers in sight wouldn’t be pretty and colorful, they’d be black and scary! 🙂  I like these little touches that add some character throughout the Halloween party.  Oh and don’t worry, very easy & cheap to make!

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Flower Arrangement

1. Gather fake floweres from Goodwill or thrift stores

2.  Spray paint flowers black (you will have to spray and flip to get all angles, although some color coming through looks kind of cool too! 🙂  (you can see some red showing through in my arrangement above)

3.  Display in vintage silver (again, Goodwill/thrift stores!!) with accents such as spiders and pumpkins



#7: Halloween Head Waiter

DIY Halloween Decor Head Waiter


This Martha Stewart DIY Halloween Head Waiter was one of my favs.  I will talk you through my steps:

Step 1:  Gather Supplies

You will need:

– Styrofoam head (these can be spendy, look at thrift stores!)

– Paper towels

– Old coffee

– Mod Podge

Step 2:  ‘Dye’ paper towels

SO easy, just dip crumpled paper towels in coffee and let dry in crumpled state, this gives a really cool eerie & decrepid look to the paper towels

Step 3:  Mod Podge

After paper towels are dry, use mod podge to adhere the paper towels to the strofoam head (you will have to put some on the head first for the paper towels to stick, and then on top of the paper towels again).  Keep layering in a random order.

Step 4:  Add Accents

I decided to use some of my dollar store spiders on the head waiter for an even spookier look, and placed the head waiter on a vintage silver cake stand,  that held our Halloween cupcakes.  Use extra coffee stained paper towels around the head base.

Directions can be found here.

DIY Halloween Head Waiter

#6: Halloween Chandelier

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Chandelier

Matt’s Mom gave me an awesome chandelier that I was able to transform for Halloween.

Step 1:  Spray Paint Chandelier

“Surprise”- black spray paint!  You can tell that you go through a lot of this for Halloween decor.  I hung the chandelier from a wire in a tree to spray paint it to be sure I covered all angles.

Step 2:  Add Beads

I found some beads at the thrift store for under $1 and spray painted those black too.  These give the chandelier an aged look and add some interest

Step 3:  Lights

Again, I opt for the LED tea lights since these are no worry in terms of fire hazard and can just be clicked on or off (and they even flicker, gotta love craft technology advances!)

Before & After! 🙂

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Chandelier


#5: Frosted Candles

DIY Halloween Decor Frosted Candles

Short, sweet, and cheap!

Step 1:  Find Glass

Don’t buy new!  Check out a thrift store or Goodwill for glass that is super cheap!

Step 2:  Frost

Spray glass with frost spray (you can find it at Michaels, remember your 40% off coupon!)

Step 3:  Decorate

Hot glue Halloween ribbon and/or faux glitter spider onto glass.  Or use glitter glue to create a creepy spider web.

Step 4: Illuminate!

Rather than spending the whole night worrying about fire hazards or keeping up with relighting tea lights, I opted for the artificial LED tea lights.  Best place I found for the price (they can be spendy at big stores) – ebay!


#4: Halloween Poison Bottles

DIY Halloween Decor Poison Bottles

These Halloween Poison Bottles are so easy, yet set them on some vintage silver (which btw is SO easy and CHEAP to find at thrift stores!), and they set an eerie mood!

Step 1:  Collect old bottles 

I used wine bottles, Johnny Walker black bottles, Dad’s drink of choice :), and some smaller bottles.  The most important thing to look for is bottles with good shapes and colors that look aged.  Luckily my parents had a goldmine of bottles in their basement.

DIY Halloween Decor Poison Bottles

Step 2:  Remove Labels

Fill your sink with REALLY hot water (use rubber gloves!) to take off the labels, I had a razor blade for the tough ones, but the labels came off pretty easily.

DIY Halloween Decor Poison Bottles

Step 3:  Mod Podge Labels

It’s so easy to find free printable Halloween bottle labels online, print out labels, cut them out, and mod podge them onto the glass bottles.

DIY Halloween Decor Poison Bottles

Enjoy your final product!  

DIY Halloween Decor Poison Bottles

I used Matt’s kitchen to create a spooky old, abandoned display by taking off the cabinet doors and placing the poison bottles randomly on silver trays.

DIY Halloween Decor Poison Bottles


DIY Halloween Decor Poison Bottles


#3: Haunted Bird Bath

This is a great addition to any outside halloweed ‘graveyard’ or other spooky outdoor decor.  (And I didn’t even find the idea on Pinterest, shocking I know!  🙂  I found this plastic bird feeder at the Dollar General (ok, it wasn’t $1, but it was under $10 for sure!), and knew I could ‘spook’ it up.

DIY Halloween Decor Haunted Bird Bath

DIY Halloween Decor Haunted Bird Bath


– Plastic bird feeder

– Black spray paint

– Statue item

– Floral moss

– Hot Glue Gun


1)  Spray paint your plastic bird feeder bowl and base black (using black spray paint specifically for plastic works best)

2)  Spray paint your statue item.  I used an old Christmas angel that I found at the thrif store for $1, something that will look spooky!

3)  After all paint is dry, hot glue the statue to the bowl and hot glue the craft moss to make it look aged

4)  put rocks in the base of the bird feeder to keep it standing upright before setting the bowl on top

Enjoy!  🙂


#2: Trick or Treat Boxes

This is a super easy project that I found on Pinterest, and I especially love it because after halloween, it stores WONDERFULLY!  All you have to do is put the boxes inside one another 🙂

DIY Halloween Decor Trick or Treat Boxes


– 3 paper mache boxes (I got mine at Hobby Lobby here, be sure to look for coupons as I got mine 40% off!)  Yes, this is a set of 7, but I used the 4 other boxes to create levels on my candy table, post coming soon 🙂

– Black spray paint

– Sandpaper

– Halloween Ribbon

– Hot Glue Gun

– Sticker letters or dicut paper letters (I used my Cricut)


1)  Take 3 boxes (in desccending sizes), and spray paint outsides and tops black

2)  After spray paint dries, use sandpaper to distress the boxes in the corners and centers

3)  Hot glue or stick on your letters “Trick or Treat” to the boxes

4)  Hot glue your haloween ribbon to the perimeter of the top of the largest box

Thanks to the blog that my original pin linked to!  🙂

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Boxes

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