Corporate Dress Gone Stay at Home Working Mama

Corporate Dress Gone Stay at Home Working Mama

Ready for another career update? In the spirit of blogger transparency and keeping it real, I want to update you on real life, and my work updates (p.s. –  I have had more career updates in the last year than in my entire working life.) Here’s the update about what’s new and exciting in my world of “work”.

As you may recall from this post back in January, about how 2015 was going to be the “Year of Big Changes”, I underwent (another) career change BACK to the corporate world, but in a part-time position so I could also pursue photography, blogging, and wedding rentals. Well my friends, that post went live on January 5, 2015. Just 17 days later, Matt & I discovered the most wonderful news that really DID mean that 2015 was going to be the “Year of Big Changes”, because we were going to be first-time PARENTS! (Is that foreshadowing or what!?) Yep, Baby K had entered the equation and we excitedly looked forward to the months ahead.

With this news, also came lots of adult life choices/conversations/decisions (yes, I guess you need to do those adult-like things, especially when you are having a baby). Questions like, “was my part-time salary going to be worth looking into a daycare situation”, “would there be a daycare that would take an infant part-time”, “wait, do we even want to do daycare?”, “can I stay at home?”, “can we afford me to stay at home?”

So with those questions in mind, here I was working part-time corporate, part-time my own personal endeavors when suddenly in February (about a month after finding out we were pregnant), I received an offer for a part-time remote position that I could do 100% from home (or anywhere with wi-fi). I had applied for this position back at the end of 2014 and had thought that the opportunity had passed. This new part-time remote position would require me to work 15 hours a week to start. So, I started the part-time remote job in May, and well folks, 24 hours at part-time corporate + 15 hours remote at home, yep I was back to 39 hours a week (plus photography and personal endeavors). So to say I was “busy” work-wise through my pregnancy was pretty much an understatement.

So really, the whole point of doing the part-time remote gig right away was because it was essentially our long-term plan for me to have a (steady) income after the baby was born, and also have the opportunity to stay at home with the baby.

Fast forward to today — our daughter Vera has (of course) arrived (and yes, blown up all over the blog :), and I’m embracing this whole new idea of “work” from home. I admit that she and our cat Lewis are pretty great coworkers, and trading in my workspace cubicle for my sofa, bed, kitchen counter, passenger seat of the car, or a coffee shop, has been wonderful. But of course the best part is the baby snuggles and the amazing opportunity to work from home.

So I am beyond excited to announce my new (self-proclaimed title):

Mallory Kiesow – “SAHWM”
Stay-at-Home (PT Remote-Working) Mama
Lady Boss

Man oh man, that is going to be one BUSY business card, ok fine, that really made me make a fake business card, just because. 🙂

Corporate Dress Gone Stay at Home Working MamaHere is what my beautiful life has been looking like in my new role (funny how Instagram can be a good summary of our everyday lives!)
Corporate Dress Gone Stay at Home Working Mama

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