#7: Halloween Head Waiter

DIY Halloween Decor Head Waiter


This Martha Stewart DIY Halloween Head Waiter was one of my favs.  I will talk you through my steps:

Step 1:  Gather Supplies

You will need:

– Styrofoam head (these can be spendy, look at thrift stores!)

– Paper towels

– Old coffee

– Mod Podge

Step 2:  ‘Dye’ paper towels

SO easy, just dip crumpled paper towels in coffee and let dry in crumpled state, this gives a really cool eerie & decrepid look to the paper towels

Step 3:  Mod Podge

After paper towels are dry, use mod podge to adhere the paper towels to the strofoam head (you will have to put some on the head first for the paper towels to stick, and then on top of the paper towels again).  Keep layering in a random order.

Step 4:  Add Accents

I decided to use some of my dollar store spiders on the head waiter for an even spookier look, and placed the head waiter on a vintage silver cake stand,  that held our Halloween cupcakes.  Use extra coffee stained paper towels around the head base.

Directions can be found here.

DIY Halloween Head Waiter

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