Home Office – The Plan

Layout Reveal of our Home Office – The Plan
Home Office - The Plan | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

Since moving into our new house this past January, we have thus far turned one bedroom into a closet, which is totally amazing and functional for our current lives.  Our house has three bedrooms on the main floor (a big selling feature and something to look for, future home buyers.  It’s very appealing to have the parents room with 2 kids rooms on the same floor!  Future state, future state).  The third bedroom on the main floor is going to be our home office.  Now, is this going to be the forever layout of our home?  Nope.  Is it what we need right NOW and is conducive to our current lifestyle?  Yep.

If there is one thing (ok there may be a few) that drives me nuts, it is having stacks of papers all over the kitchen/living room.  It. Drives. Me. Bonkers.  You can never find anything and it’s a vicious cycle of making piles, moving piles, losing piles, repeat.  Ugh!  Ok, that was my rant.  Anywho, the soon-to-be “office” has become the “dumping ground” (for lack of a better term) for the papers what finally make it out of the whirlwind of the main living area of the house.

When we started to sit down and visualize/plan our office (for the record, this was me on Pinterest + daydreaming, not Matt & I actually sitting down and planning), I decided a few things:

His & Her’s
For Matt & I, his and hers workstations are a must.  We felt like if we had one desk, we would never hang out with each other because one of us would be stuck in the office and the other one in the living room.  When you spend 40-60 hours a week away from home, when you’re here, it’s nice to be together.  Also, Matt works in IT and therefore has a desktop computer with dual monitors, so he takes up a lot of space.  I also JUST got a desktop Mac computer with a HUGE screen (can you tell I’m excited?!) so I need ample desk space as well.

Here is an example from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, showing the two separate workstations that helped to sell me on this layout:

Home Office - The Plan | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

Island Fever
Knowing that we will both be predominately working on our computers at our workstations, we also wanted some desk space that didn’t fight with the keyboard. We designed the island to be a little wider than the desk where our computers will sit and are still considering our options for storage underneath.  I’m excited to be able to have things out on the desk without feeling overcrowded.

Here is a great example of the “island” effect we are going for (think “T-shaped” desk):

Home Office - The Plan | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

Nice Legs
I fell in love with this photo of a home office desk with bold, character-filled legs (and really, just an overall beautiful home office).  *Swoon!  Now, of course, I found a gross old table on Craigslist (that came from a smoker, no scratch that, a chain smokers home) that had similar legs.  This turned into a beastly project that deserves it’s own post.  But summary is that I knew we would be going for an open, airy design with bold desk legs.  This design also requires us to get creative with storage since we are building the desk like a table, with no real storage built in (rebels!).

Home Office - The Plan | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

Things we are still considering:
Built-in-Desk top – wood or white?!  Ahhh I’m going to have to figure this one out soon.  I can’t decide if I should paint the wood table top of the desk white to match the legs, or poly/stain it to give it the wood look.

Desk Chairs – Ok well, we know we need these, but it’s a matter of what we end up with.  Comfort is important, I mean, we don’t want to build this amazing office and then not want to sit here!  I dream of these white desk chairs, but they may be out of our ‘immediate budgetary constraints’.  Boo. We do have some spare chairs (shocking, right?) that I have been wanting to re-do, so those may be an interim solution… stay tuned.

Carpet – Pulling up the carpet (there is hardwood underneath, not sure of the condition though- nothing a rug couldn’t hide, I’m sure- *Can you tell I’m on the “let’s pull it up” team?!).  It’s a gamble, but would be really nice to have hard floors with desk chairs vs. carpet (plus the carpet isn’t in pristine condition).

File Cabinet – We have a hideous (ok that may have been harsh) “regular old” black file cabinet.  Blech.  I need to find some way to spruce it up since we functionally need it (initial thoughts include washi tape or gold spray paint).  Realistically we really need more filing storage, maybe this one could end up hidden in the closet.

Additional Storage – When we moved we realized we have a lot of office stuff (which is SO ironic, because we for sure did not have an office back in the tiny house.  We must have just known in our hearts-of-hearts that we would eventually have one and therefore hoarded office supplies like it was our job.) I foresee us needing a bookcase as well as some shelving above our workstations.  Our printer is wireless so I’m thinking that will go behind us or in the closet.  As I mentioned above with the legs, we will have to see how it looks once it is up to find the most functional and aesthetically pleasing places for storage.

The good news is we are well on our way to another office update soon, the custom T-shaped desk is making progress in the garage!  I’ll keep ya posted as to next steps 🙂


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