Shower Curtains to DIY Camper Curtains

Shower Curtains to DIY Camper Curtains | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

Let me just preface this post by explaining how much of my life is supported by Target.  As a full-time working individual with a zillion projects, how often do you think I get to a fabric store?  The answer: never.  A mall or clothing store?  Puh-leeze. Even my wardrobe is starting to freakishly mimic the Target Sunday ad.  Good thing Target has EVERYTHING.  I digress, the curtains….

Have you ever seen something in a store over and over again that catches your eye, you may even go out of your way to look at it for the 25th time, but you say “that doesn’t go with my house” or “that isn’t quite my style, but I love it.”  Well, that was this shower curtain for me at Target.  I was drawn to the pattern from the second I saw it.  I loved the colorful, geographic, chevron pattern, but it was a little on the modern side for me and seeing as how I’m not in the market to re-do my bathroom, I just swooned over it at my regular Target visits.

What spurred on this project in a week (weird how that ALWAYS seems to happen), all of a sudden Matt & I were going camping, and our camper had no curtains!  Eek!  No privacy= an issue when it comes to camping.  I just couldn’t stand the impromptu curtains we had before (black fleece with sticky velcro that would not stick to the walls = curtain fail.  And super ugly).  So I dove in and bought two of these adorable Target shower curtains to make all of my interior curtains for the vintage camper.

The process?  Well, let me tell you, I am not a sewer.  I would certainly love to be, but I just haven’t done much of it at all.  But, curtains are a great beginner project because all you do is sew straight(ish) lines.  🙂  I did a ¼” hem on all the sides and a ½” fold-over hem for the curtain rod to fit in.  The rods are also from Target, and were $4 each (win!).  Secret:  I didn’t pin, but I did iron the shower curtain first to get out all the wrinkles.  As for measuring, I added 1 foot to the width of each camper window to allow “bunching”, and added 2” to the height to make sure my curtains covered the frame plus a little.  This overage also was fine for taking into account my hems.

Shower Curtains to DIY Camper Curtains | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

Shower Curtains to DIY Camper Curtains | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

The result?  Love!  I was initially a little nervous about pulling in the green and orange in the print, but I think that really forced me outside my comfort zone and the teal/mint green in the chevron really pulls in the cabinet colors too (only giving you a sneak peek of those right now!).  I’m really excited to accessorize the camper once it is done.  The curtains are somewhat white, so are they 100% light blocking?  No.  Which is OK, I mean I would say who really SLEEPS IN when you are in a camper, but Matt & I have actually formed a Sunday habit of camping and sleeping in till 10AM 🙂  We can always line the curtains if we feel this is a need down the road.  I am also considering cutting the curtains right down the middle (and hemming of course) so we can “open them” and tie them up on either side when we don’t want them closed (however, thus far, we haven’t disliked having them closed all the time, especially since they still let light in).

Shower Curtains to DIY Camper Curtains | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

{Ignore the lack of cushion covers and paint on the walls, oh so more to come with the Vintage Camper remodel, but lots in the works!}

I hope I maybe inspired some non-sewers like me to take on some curtain projects, so easy!  And try to keep you eye out for some non-traditional fabric material, like a shower curtain!


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