Vintage Camper – Back Wall!

Matt and I had such a productive Labor Day weekend on the camper.  We tackled the part of the camper that was in the worst condition: the back wall!  (dun dun dun!  cue scary music).  We also had to repair a small part of the paneling on a side wall that had previous water damage as well.  I have to accredit most of the work to Matt, who as we say “winged” it when it came to tearing down the old wall and putting up the new!  A little detail on what we did:

1) Ripped off the old panneling and insulation behind

2) Reinforced some of the horizontal and vertical wood supports with new wood

3)  Tested for water leakage (the initial cause of the back wall’s previous condition) — p.s. this was literally Matt throwing buckets of water on the back of the camper while I stood inside with a “thumbs up” for no leaks! 🙂

4)  Re-insulated with new insulation

5)  Put up the new paneling (cut holes for light on side wall and outlet on back

Ta da!

I can’t wait to see the paneling painted (feature wall?  stenciled perhaps?!  The possibilities are endless!)

I had to show the progression of before during and after to really show the difference 🙂


1966 Vintage Pathfinder Camper Repair

1966 Vintage Pathfinder Camper Repair

1966 Vintage Pathfinder Camper Repair

1966 Vintage Pathfinder Camper Repair


2 Comments on Vintage Camper – Back Wall!

  1. TommyB
    February 4, 2014 at 5:49 pm (5 years ago)

    Matt-no mention of technology seems like an error-window treatments before tunes??? Concerned former employer!!

    • Mallory
      February 5, 2014 at 11:42 am (5 years ago)

      Don’t worry, Tom. We will get some tunes going in the camper eventually! 🙂


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