Wedding Table Numbers | Unique & “Totally You Guys”

When planning a wedding, there are SO many details.  Now, let’s be clear, none of these details will trump the most important part of the day (you know, that guy or gal you are marrying and vowing to spend the rest of your life with, yeah that’s the MOST important part).  But, if you are a detail freak, type A person like me, don’t act like you haven’t hem and hawed over something as simple as your table numbers.  Here are my thoughts on customizing your table numbers for this small detail of your BIG day (oh, and they are super budget-friendly too!)

Biggest Tip:  Make It About YOU GUYS

Your wedding day is all about you guys’ as a couple.  The reasons that you are perfect for each other and the story of what has brought you to this very moment and decision to spend the rest of your lives together.  What do you like to do together?  How did you meet?  Here are two of my favorite (ok, I’m bias) examples from my own wedding as well as my sister’s wedding:


How You Met | {My Wedding}
Matt & I met in Astronomy class my freshman (his sophomore) year of college.  So, in a very cute (and ok maybe semi-cheesy way), we rolled with an “Astronomy” theme for our table numbers, naming each table a constellation.  While I for sure couldn’t pronounce half the names, we included a little summary of how we met as well as a little “fun fact” about the constellation for our guests to read.  We also added our logo featuring a silhouette of The Enchanted Barn with the constellation above it for an added touch of personalization.



I used these white iKea Tolsby Frames that run $0.99 each (ch-ya!).  Then I simply had our graphic designer create each table number as a 2-sided 4×6 to fit the frames.  Simple + chic. Check!


What You Like To Do Together | {My Sister’s Wedding}
Adrian & Jeff are passionate foodies (they are always my first call for a restaurant recommendation or a “what is this strange ingredient in this recipe”).  They know the Minneapolis-area food scene like the back of their hand. So, for their wedding, they chose to name their tables as their FAVORITE local hidden gem restaurants.  They included a little summary of each restaurant for their guests to read at the table & it tied in perfectly- it was just so “them”.



Photo credit:  Nicolas Norbert Photography & Erin Jean Photography

We DIY-ed these table numbers with a simple “table tent” style with scrapbook paper and maintaining the same consistent fonts from the rest of the wedding invites, programs, etc.  The guest’s escort cards were (of course) with the coordinating scrapbook paper as their appropriate table (I mean ‘restaurant’). Oh how the organization & detailed coordination makes my heart sing! (

While I love a classic numeric table number, why not change it up and let your table names say a little more about you as a couple?!  Your guests (many of which may not know your new spouse as well as your closest friends) will love the little insider they get into a slice of you as a couple.

**Special shout-out to the AH-MAZING designer that did all the design work for both my own and my sister’s wedding – the talented Amy Stemper of Ash & Oke.  If you are in the market for a graphic designer, check her out.  Her work will make your wedding cohesive, gorgeous, and reflective of your own individual style!



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