We’re Homeowners!

We’re Homeowners!

I am so excited to announce that Matt & I have just bought our very first house together as a married couple – We’re Homeowners! (All together now, “awww!”).

We are so excited for more space!  Our new house is 1,996 square feet.  It is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom walk-out rambler. It was built in 1965 and has all the potential in the world.  We are so excited to move in and get our hands dirty DIY-ing and updating the house!  Our lot is .57 acres in the western suburbs of Minnesota.  More photos of the interior to come soon, I promise!

Here it is!

We're Homeowners! | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

Now, I wish I would have posted more about our first living situation, but here was the rundown:

Matt owns a duplex and rented out half and lived in half for a few years.  Great location in adorable, quaint Excelsior, MN.  I live in a tiny 700 sq ft house (often referred to as “the dollhouse”) 2 miles away from Matt.  Yes, it was small, but it was just me, and my cat Lewis.

Just before our wedding, Matt moved into my tiny 700 sq ft house and made his duplex an official “income property” (pretty much his dream & favorite HGTV show).  This was totally the right move for us, but the space was, well – tight.

Our Old House:
Just to give you an idea, 700 square feet is about a half of a stall bigger than a two stall car garage.  Even more interesting, our house was 2 levels.  The top (main) level you walked through the front door into the living room.  Off the living room is 2 “bedrooms “.  I use quotations since one of them was my/our walk-in closet.  The kitchen?  A bathroom?  Oh, those are in the basement.  Seriously.  Weird I know.  Walk down the stairs into the kitchen, with a bathroom off of it and a utility room for laundry.  Crazy layout.  But hey, it worked.

Here was our old house, photo courtesy of Google maps.  The car in the neighbors driveway is a great example of “scale” 🙂

We're Homeowners! | Creative Mess in a Corporate Dress

Yay for being homeowners!




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